Apple 2013 2Q financial analysis


Earnings: Apple 2012 3Q results as if in past few quarters shows decrease. Although sales are rising a bit, influences mainly by US consumption rise , but profit is decreasing hard. If comparing last 4 quarter earnings with Y2012 earning we get a -9% decrease from 41,7 bn.$ to 37,7 bn.$. But you can not keep sky-high […]


McDonald 2012 3Q financial analysis

Comapnies 3Q results look flat. Although last 12 month earnings were up by 2% from 27,0 bn.$ to 27,4bn.$ compared to 2011Y Net income has shrink a little bit by -1% from 5,5 bn.$ to 5,4 bn.$. On the other hand if you look at 5 year perspective both sales and net income are stably increasing, so few more years are […]


Coca-Cola 2012 3Q financial analysis

Companies 2012 3Q results are slightly positive. Overall past 5 years show stable revenue and Net income growth. If comparing 3Q accumulative last 12 month results (2012 9 months+20114Q) with 2011Y revenue has increased from 46,5 bn.$ to 47,6 bn.$ or Δ+2,2%. Net income has increased from 8,6 bn.$ to 8,8 bn.$ or Δ+2,7%. This growth is quite good if taking […]


Companies comparison 2012 2Q

15 major word companies financial 2012 2Q figure comparison and evaluation. British petroleum - although companies share value has increased from ~38$ to ~43$ compared to Q1 its results remain very good. 2Q results were negative due to 4,8 bn.$ impairment due to stooped Alaska project. Even tough companies share profitability remains very good 12,7%. When this impairment effect cases profitability will be […]


IBM 2012 2Q financial analysis

IBM results are average. Quarter sales are down by -3% compared to 2011 2Q. On the other hand Net infome before depreciation has increased by +3% but in general there is no visible growth and results looks a bit flat. Decrease is in all segments. Most in System and Technology -9% least in most profitable […]


Wal-Mart Stores 2012 2Q financial analysis

Wal-Mart 2Q results are positive. Revenue and generated profit has increased compared to previous year. Revenue increased by +4,5% Net Income before depreciation by +7,6%. Main sales comes from US which increased by 3,8% Bigest growth comes from Walmart International increased by 6,4%  In general companies results are positive. While companies results shows good results balance […]


Intel 2012 2Q financial analysis

Intel 2012 2Q results are positive, company is back to growth track after past few quarters of decrease. Revenue is up both if compared with 2011 2Q and 2012 1Q by Companies main sales goes to Assia-Pacific region. Since this region will continue to show largest growth that is a good news. Compared to previous year […]


Facebook 2012 2Q financial analysis

Facebook 2Q saw large amount of expenses, which lead to -0,6 bn.$ Net earnings before depreciation. Revenue shows further growth by 45% if compared to 2012 2Q and by 12% if compared to previous 1Q, which is a good sign. Main source of loss was 1,56 bn.$ of operational expenses. Out of which 0,7 bn.$ was in Research and development. […]


Microsoft 2012 2Q financial analysis

Microsoft first time ever announced quarter loss at 2012 2Q. That was due to 6,2 bn.$ Goodwill write-off. Such Goodwill comes from acquisitions, were company is bought for higher then its balance value. Companies with large Goodwill in their balance are at risk of such write-offs. This is basically including purchase expenses into companies Income statement from balance sheet. If excluded companies results […]


Apple 2012 2Q financial analysis

Apple 2012 2Q results have to say are disappointing. Although compared with 2011 2Q revenue has increased by 23% from 28,6 bn.$ to 35 bn.$ but as can be seen from graph below pas few quarters if compared to each other show a decrease. If compared to Q1 revenue has decreased by -5% from 26,8 bn.$ Same […]


Google 2012 2Q financial analysis

Google 2012 2Q results are good. 2012 2Q revenue shows good increase to 12,2 bn.$. or +35% compared to 2011 2Q 9,0 bn.$. Main driver of such jump at 2Q was that from 2Q Motorola results are include into Google financials.  Net Income before depreciation has increased to 3,5 bn.$ which is +17% increase compared to 2011 […]

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