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Exxon Mobil 2012 1Q financial analysis


 Exxon Mobil 2012 1Q results looks quite stable. Although these was a visible decrease at Q4 in revenue in Q 1 decrease has stoped and showed some increase driven mostly by high oil prices which IMF estimates that will stay high during all Y2012. Quarterly revenue has increased up to 119 bn.$ compared to 109 bn.$ (Δ+9%) […]

Exxon Mobile 2011 4Q financial analysis


Companies results is show slight decrease 2nd quarter in a row. If compared with Y2010 4Q revenue has increased by 15% from 101 bn.$ to 116 bn.$ but as can seen from graph below company is not influenced by seasonality so comparing with 2 and 3 quarters revenue has decreased. Same is with profit. If compares […]