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Google 2012 2Q financial analysis


Google 2012 2Q results are good. 2012 2Q revenue shows good increase to 12,2 bn.$. or +35% compared to 2011 2Q 9,0 bn.$. Main driver of such jump at 2Q was that from 2Q Motorola results are include into Google financials.  Net Income before depreciation has increased to 3,5 bn.$ which is +17% increase compared to 2011 […]

Google 2012 1Q financial analysis


Google 2012 1Q results are good. 2012 1Q revenue is up to 10,6 bn.$. or +24% compared to 2011 1Q 8,6 bn.$. but almost the same as previous 4Q.  As can be seen from graph below revenue is always at the same level in Q1 compared to Q4 then stably increases at the rest quarters. […]

Google 2011 4Q financial analysis


Companies revenue shows stable growth. 4Q revenue grew by +25% from 8,4 bn.$ to 10,6 bn.$. But because operating expenses grew even more Net income before Depreciation grew a bit less by +10% from 2,9 bn.$ to 3,2 bn.$. but as can seen at the chart below last past quarter generated Net income before Depreciation became flat on 3,2 […]